How Coronavirus is affecting Title IX cases
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The College Fix Interviews Kimberly C. Lau about How Coronavirus is affecting Title IX cases

03/24/2020 | The College Fix
Higher education publication The College Fix interviewed Kimberly C. Lau, who is a pioneer of the Title IX practice area, for an article entitled "Colleges are using coronavirus to restrict how accused students can defend themselves" to find out if she is experiencing delays in how Title IX cases are being handled by colleges and universities:
Warshaw Burstein partner Kimberly Lau, who (also) represents accused students in sexual misconduct proceedings, told The Fix she had not experienced similar responses from universities and did not know other lawyers who had. ... "It’s possible that “respondents [accused] would have a more difficult time obtaining cooperation from witnesses” or be unable to “participate in person due to the impact of school closures and social distancing,” Lau said. It doesn’t make sense for colleges to refuse rescheduling when “businesses, courthouses and some federal government agencies” have closed amid concerns of spreading coronavirus, Lau said.