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​Because you've already invested so much in your future.

The Title IX and College Discipline Practice at Warshaw Burstein is committed to helping you continue to safeguard your future and reputation. Our highly trained professionals are prepared to act quickly on your behalf. Our Title IX and College Discipline Practice includes trials, arbitration, mediations and appeals in both state and federal jurisdictions.

Who We Represent

Student Complainants: Students who bring a complaint against another student or employees of the university. We hold universities accountable during the disciplinary process while making sure complainants get the resources that they need to continue their education safely and with respect.

Student Respondents: Students who are accused of code of conduct violations. We help students defend charges during the disciplinary process. We make sure that schools follow their policies, provide due process, and are held accountable.

University Employees: Employees who are defending or asserting claims that impact their employment status at educational institutions. We ensure that their employment rights and rights pursuant to Title IX are preserved.
If you are involved in any college disciplinary matter, it is very important that you take action with these key points in mind.

Get Help Quickly

Never underestimate the time it takes to put together a strong case. Too often, students wait until it's too late to get their parents involved or seek legal assistance.

Colleges Favor The Easy Answer

The standard of evidence in college disciplinary cases is often "by a preponderance of the evidence." Colleges have an inherent incentive to find the easy answer, which is not always the same as finding the truth. Colleges are not always transparent when advising parties about their rights and options for accommodations unless directly asked.

Hire A Specialized Lawyer

Safeguard your rights with a lawyer specializing in college disciplinary matters who has handled a high volume of these types of cases. Hiring someone who is geographically convenient should not be your only consideration when it involves charges implicating your entire future.

Your Whole Future Is On The Line

Your reputation, future education and career prospects are all at stake. An unfair process may significantly decrease or foreclose your options in the future.
  •  Kimberly C. Lau

    Kimberly C. Lau

    Ms. Lau concentrates her practice on Title IX and college disciplinary matters, defamation actions and commercial litigation.