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Mrs. Kimberly Lau helped me find my voice when I was lost in the anxiety and uncertainty of my case. Her ability to quickly identify the issue and attack it from various angles demonstrates her resourcefulness, intelligence, and skill.

Kimberly had an answer for every question and was always thinking ahead, considering every possibility or outcome. As a result of her guidance and advocacy, I was able to move out of what seemed like a hopeless situation, and I was able to refocus on my goals.

I am very grateful to Kimberly for her guidance and support. Her professionalism is matched by her compassion and understanding. Her dedication to her clients is evident in everything she does. She is someone that you want in your corner.


Thanks to Kimberly’s exceptional expertise and dedication, we were able to win my case. During those turbulent times, Kimberly’s professionalism and steadfastness served as a pillar of guidance and support to ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf.

Kimberly, alongside her team, fought tirelessly to let the truth be known and helped to clear my name. Thank you, Kimberly, for everything.


If you think you can do this on your own, that you can talk your way out of this and prevail on the sheer force of your convictions, that is the surest sign that you need a lawyer. It doesn’t matter how strong you think the evidence is, or how irrational the claim, a university has the resources of a small country, and those resources exist not to find the truth, but to protect the university from it.

Who you choose to represent you is maybe the most consequential decision you will make for the rest of your life. Kimberly Lau’s experience and calm confidence made her the ideal choice for me. Where I was impulsive and deferential, Kimberly was patient and assertive. When Columbia would bluster and grandstand, baiting me into fighting in the weeds, Kimberly was unflappable and would not let me be distracted. She kept me focused on what really mattered: winning.

Remember, your goal is to get your life back, and if you’re lucky, maybe a little more. You can have your petty revenge phase; you can do donuts around the school in a Lamborghini, and that’s totally valid therapy. But once you’ve gotten that out of your system, you’re going to have the rest of your life ahead of you. And what that life is going to look like comes down to the choices you make now; Who are you going to choose to have in your corner? I chose Kimberly Lau, and I’ve never doubted that decision for a god damn second.

– Benjamin Feibleman

I contacted Kimberly when I was in the midst of an uphill battle that threatened my academic and professional goals. In our first call, I was struck by her empathy and strategy. From the beginning, it was clear that she would fight for me.

Kimberly’s dedication, professionalism, and kindness afforded me peace of mind during an incredibly stressful period. I remain grateful to her, not just because she resolved this case in my favor, but because through it all she was compassionate.

If you need any guidance regarding academic injustice or institutional intimidation, do not hesitate to work with Kimberly. With her help, I was able to move forward with my goals from what seemed like a hopeless situation.

Throughout this process, she was both a fierce advocate and caring counsel—you could not ask for a better person to represent you.

– Medical Student

Thank you so much for your support in the past year… I still remember my first phone call with you last September. Your voice and patience to listen comforted my extreme anxiety at that point. Your analytical strategies in the following months saved me from these scary interviews with the investigators. I admire your strong commitment and high ethical standards. It’s my pleasure to work with you.

– College Student

Your kindness in conjunction with your intelligence and legal skill is undoubtedly a gift to many – ourselves included.

– Mother of College Student

We faced a devastating false claim against our son in his first year of college. As a family, we were heartbroken to watch our son slip into deep depression. Kimberly took on our case and had the decision reversed, no small feat. She handled our matter with expertise and heart. We’re so grateful for her and her team’s dedication. Kimberly Lau is an exceptionally effective litigator in our opinion.

– Father of College Student

I remember the stress of navigating the process and calling dozens of lawyers. I will not forget Kimberly’s kindness and compassion. I felt like she was the only lawyer who looked at me like a human being instead of a dollar sign. Kimberly’s sharp, analytical thinking forced the university to examine all evidence and allow the truth to prevail. Today, my name is cleared, I was just recently promoted, have a girlfriend and can successfully say that my life slingshotted forwards.

– University Student