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ChatGPT on Campus – What You Need to Know

Kimberly C. Lau, partner and chair of the Title IX and College Discipline Practice, suggested the following tips when considering ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools to assist with college work.
  • Before using ChatGPT for assignments, be sure to review the class syllabus and student code of conduct to educate yourself on the allowable use of ChatGPT and/or other AI programs.
  • When in doubt, it’s best to confirm with your professor whether you are allowed to use ChatGPT for your assignment ahead of time. Don’t wait to ask for forgiveness later.
  • To avoid accusations of improperly using ChatGPT on your assignment, maintain all drafts and notes regarding your written work as evidence of your original ideas.
  • When using ChatGPT, be wary of potential disciplinary charges for improper collaboration with others, failure to give proper attribution, and plagiarism. Any work you submit that is not your own could be viewed as a violation of your school’s honor code.
  • Be mindful of your specific state’s laws on the use of ChatGPT. Some school districts have blocked all access to ChatGPT and other AI tools on school networks and devices.