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Partner Kimberly C. Lau featured in an article from the National Review

07/25/2022 | National Review
The National Review features Kimberly C. Lau and her client in an in-depth article that discusses the proposed changes to the Title IX regulations, "Guilty until Proven Innocent: Biden Title IX Changes Mean Return to ‘Dark Ages’ for Falsely Accused Students."
In the article, which outlines the story of her former client, Ben Feibleman, who sued Columbia University in a high-profile Title IX case, she discusses the importance of due process. She says, "Sexual-assault cases, like Feibleman’s, often come down to which party is more credible. Who do you believe more? Generally speaking there are no other witnesses in the room. And more often than not alcohol is involved. In a case in which establishing the credibility of the parties is vital, the ability to cross-examine an accuser is critical. And that process was so hindered, because Columbia didn’t allow students to ask questions of each other.”
Lau, who represents both accusers and the accused, said schools are still often motivated to favor accusers during internal hearings, and to let the courts reverse them. That way the schools can maintain their public image of strongly protecting sexual-assault victims, she said.
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