Kimberly Lau Featured in the College Fix on the Inconsistent Enforcement of COVID-19 Policies at On- and Off-Campus Gatherings
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The College Fix calls on the expertise of Kimberly C. Lau to analyze the bias implications of a Title IX investigator job listing at the University of Texas.

Partner Kimberly C. Lau recently commented on the inconsistent enforcement of COVID-19 policies at on- and off-campus gatherings in College Fix, including students’ lack of notice of what constitutes a violation or possible sanctions for such cases.

The article focused on a situation at Pennsylvania State University, which is using municipal police to enforce its COVID-19 rules off campus and has been giving drastically different punishments to students who violate the same rules.

Kimberly told the publication, “School policies are not always designed to handle off-campus incidents..I definitely hear a very common theme in these cases is a lack of notice and an understanding of how extreme the punishments could be.”

Kimberly noted that it’s not uncommon for the police and college to share information. “The public schools in certain districts, they do have a close relationship with local law enforcement, so the sharing of information is almost an expectation,” she said.

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